How to find the Best OBD2 Scan Tool that Works

Diagnostic scan tools run the scope from low-tech gear to the excessively expensive equipment used by professional technicians in the automotive industry. Some of these diagnostic tools are fully crucial that even ordinary users can’t live without.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your car, you can always find a solution to that. Though professional diagnostic technicians have a wealth of personal experience to draw on when it comes to car repair, DIY users still have the luck of getting affordable car diagnostic tools and knowing their procedures. With the help of Internet, whether you’re expert in car repair or not, you can diagnose your check engine light by just a few clicks.

Bear in mind that the problem you’re experiencing with your vehicle may also been experienced by someone else and probably have posted about it to the internet. So just sit and use your mouse to find a wealth of DIY troubleshooting information including solutions to many sticky diagnostic situations right in front your door. Don’t forget to consider OBD2 scanner buying guide for your ease of picking the best scan tools that are pretty affordable.

Getting Codes Ability

Nothing can beat with OBD2 scan tools even the simplest type when it comes to reading codes in a clear, detailed and easy way. These scan tools have the ability to scan and read codes appropriately while putting you on the right track. Since the most important function of code scanners is to get codes in a way that human can communicate, you should have one that is affordable and can lead hassle-free to a potentially long and complicated diagnostic process.

A wide variety of scan tools can be found everywhere; find one with clear and high-speed in getting codes for lifetime use.

Live Data Streaming Feature

Once you decided what scan tool you would buy, taking some time to consider live data streaming feature is somewhat like you got your money back. A scanner you choose should have the ability to interface with the car’s computer through a phone, tablet or laptop via wireless or USB connection. And it should be able to display live data as well. This can be a lot useful during the diagnostic process because it allows users to watch and warn when any problems occur during a test drive.

Some scan tools only have a long list of all data values available. But some of them allow users to pull specific parameter IDs or PIDs and then make a detailed custom list. Most decent scanners that perform this function need a few more dollars but you can still have them with the cheapest options.

Diagnostic Procedures

The best diagnostic tools for your car usually have diagnostic procedures. If you have one without it then you have something not worth the money. Aside from getting codes and displaying live data, professional scanners that provide technicians with diagnostic procedures is a lot more useful and efficient in car repair. Having a diagnostic procedure to follow can help the root of problems to be discovered easily.

Scan tools that don’t have enough knowledge base have nothing to do on the list of best OBD2 scanners that works. Some scanners may also include specific procedures to test whether various components are working together to avoid the “throw parts” in car repair. Knowledge bases like MODIS, Mitchell, and Alldata are some of the most effective programs that provide valuable flow charts and other testing procedures.

2 Tips To Remember on Using Your Cordless Impact Wrench

Every work demands a powerful, the best and effective tool for an easy, fast and best result. At this moment, every industry, including the automotive industry, consider some materials as their main tool, these materials could be considered to be the very fast working, very efficient and very portable materials that could be used anytime and anywhere for an extraordinary work.

In driving or automotive industry, as well as in construction industry, a cordless impact wrench is now one of the main tool needed to have an excellent work.

Although using the best cordless impact wrench demands lots of knowledge and precautionary measures, it is still the fastest and most reliable way of doing things such as attaching and tightening nuts, bolts and bits in which includes a tightening, fixing and un-tightening features for those object.

Impact wrench could be used in so many was, but now that cordless impact wrench is available therefore this kind of impact wrench gives and produce a lot and better work, it is still needed to be examined and the users of a cordless impact wrench also need to follow the following thing:

A Guide to Common Multimeter Symbols

Just like other tools, multimeters also have electronic symbols. Their means is important for proper understanding and use of the product. Whether you are still learning to use the device or you already have one for a while, breaking uncertainties on what a couple of the symbols really mean should be given attention.

Lots of different multimeters are sold everywhere. But all of them used common symbols. This article will guide you to common multimeter symbols while helping you how to choose the right multimeter in the right way.

AC VOLTAGE SYMBOL – AC voltage is the most common setting for testing voltages in the house or industry use. Voltage measurement usually falls between 100-240 volts AC. However, the measurement usually varies on the area where you live.

DC VOLTAGE SYMBOL – DC voltage enables users to test small electronic circuits, batteries and indicator lights. DC voltage usually measures 30 volts DC and just like AC voltage, you can find this thing with V symbol.

HOLD BUTTON – The hold button from the words itself holds whatever the device reads after it was pressed. This symbol has always been a great feature especially for users who want the exact reading always be remembered.

RANGE BUTTON – A button of multimeter device that is used to cycle between different ranges is the range button. Though most meters are equipped with the auto ranging feature but some devices have the option of selecting a specific range that user may opt for.

DIODE CHECK – This setting is considered to be the most reliable way to test and know if you’re using diodes that are bad or good enough. The diode test can also be used to check if a diode is functioning or not. When it comes to performing the test, the process usually involves using Ohms setting.

Getting Healthier With The Best Air Fryer

One of the tips for having a healthy lifestyle is proper diet. That is, eating only healthy foods and avoiding “unhealthy” ones. For vegetarians, this might be a piece of cake. But how about those who really love to eat? And I mean, eating all types of foods including non-nutritious ones. It’s like a torture!

But what are healthy and unhealthy foods, anyway? How do we define them?

Anyone would agree that healthy foods include fruits and vegetables, right? However, although these are nutritious foods, how you cook them and/or what do you use to cook them might be detrimental. Meat is a source of protein, but eating too much meat especially grilled or barbecued meat can be harmful to your health. Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates. But, French fries? I don’t really think so.

Deep-fried foods such as fried chicken, French fries, and others are usually considered unhealthy foods, not because they are really that harmful but because these foods are mostly cooked in oil that lets you gain more fats and more weight, which leads to unhealthy lifestyle. So, many people avoid eating them to avoid getting “fatty diseases” such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses, gallbladder diseases, etc.

It hurts seeing your favorite foods but not able to eat them because you’re on a diet. You suffer the struggle when your mouth craves for potato fries in the middle of the night or a fried egg for breakfast but you know your doctor would scold you again when your cholesterol goes up in the next check up. When you see your favorite tempura or fish balls sold in the street on your way home from work, but just turn your head around with a hidden tear in your eyes because you are not allowed to eat those. It’s hard, right? It’s like punishing yourself.

So how do we take care of our health without depriving ourselves of eating our favorites? Cook them in an air fryer. You heard me right, air fryer.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a high-end kitchen appliance that cooks your food without using oil. Yes, no oil. It only uses hot air, measuring up to 200 degrees Celsius, to cook your French fries, chicken wings and drumsticks, etc. Aside from frying, this modern-day fryer can also be used for roasting, grilling and baking. Advanced technology for kitchen masters, this versatile appliance lets you cook almost anything, minus the oil.

Philips airfryer
Philips airfryer

Aside from its “no-oil cooking” feature, the best air fryer also has 3 additional features that make it more advantageous to its user: