Explaining Home Theater

The home theater category has generated a lot of consumer interest, but demonstrating the equipment can present difficulties for retailers. Sunshine Electronics Inc has addressed this problem with the HTD-LED5 home theater demonstrator. The demonstrator shows the benefits of adding home theater components, breaking the procedure down into 5 segments that become increasingly more sophisticated.

Montgomery Ward’s Electric Avenue


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. Dreaming up methods of explaining home theater in terms the average consumer can understand is a project keeping many retail and manufacturing executives burning the midnight oil.

Montgomery Ward’s Electric Avenue is currently testing a device, nicknamed the Big Red Button, to solve this problem. Dirk Kenawell, the chain’s audio buyer, said the system has been in use for about three months and he is very excited about its possibilities. Although the HTD-LED5 is capable of leading a customer through the vagaries of home theater it is not a replacement for sales staffers, he said.

“Many people still have a lot of questions about home theater when the demonstration is done. But it is important to use it as a tool for the sales associates,” said Kenawell, adding on the average the display is activated about 15 times each weekday and almost three times as many on weekend.