Getting Healthier With The Best Air Fryer

One of the tips for having a healthy lifestyle is proper diet. That is, eating only healthy foods and avoiding “unhealthy” ones. For vegetarians, this might be a piece of cake. But how about those who really love to eat? And I mean, eating all types of foods including non-nutritious ones. It’s like a torture!

But what are healthy and unhealthy foods, anyway? How do we define them?

Anyone would agree that healthy foods include fruits and vegetables, right? However, although these are nutritious foods, how you cook them and/or what do you use to cook them might be detrimental. Meat is a source of protein, but eating too much meat especially grilled or barbecued meat can be harmful to your health. Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates. But, French fries? I don’t really think so.

Deep-fried foods such as fried chicken, French fries, and others are usually considered unhealthy foods, not because they are really that harmful but because these foods are mostly cooked in oil that lets you gain more fats and more weight, which leads to unhealthy lifestyle. So, many people avoid eating them to avoid getting “fatty diseases” such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses, gallbladder diseases, etc.

It hurts seeing your favorite foods but not able to eat them because you’re on a diet. You suffer the struggle when your mouth craves for potato fries in the middle of the night or a fried egg for breakfast but you know your doctor would scold you again when your cholesterol goes up in the next check up. When you see your favorite tempura or fish balls sold in the street on your way home from work, but just turn your head around with a hidden tear in your eyes because you are not allowed to eat those. It’s hard, right? It’s like punishing yourself.

So how do we take care of our health without depriving ourselves of eating our favorites? Cook them in an air fryer. You heard me right, air fryer.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a high-end kitchen appliance that cooks your food without using oil. Yes, no oil. It only uses hot air, measuring up to 200 degrees Celsius, to cook your French fries, chicken wings and drumsticks, etc. Aside from frying, this modern-day fryer can also be used for roasting, grilling and baking. Advanced technology for kitchen masters, this versatile appliance lets you cook almost anything, minus the oil.

Philips airfryer
Philips airfryer

Aside from its “no-oil cooking” feature, the best air fryer also has 3 additional features that make it more advantageous to its user:

  • Air filter
  • Food separator
  • Automated timer

Air Filter

One of the common complaints of anyone cooking in oil is the smell it produces that spread all around the house and remains for a certain period of time. Sometimes it’s not anymore appealing especially if you have already finished cooking and eating. Now, air fryer has its own air exhaust that filters the vapor produced while cooking, leaving you with clean, fresh air as if you didn’t cook at all. The only smell you can smell is the aroma of your cooked food, and that’s it.

Food Separator

If you are in a hurry and want to fry 2-3 kinds of foods at the same time, well you’re in good luck! The best air fryer has a food separator that allows you to fry different foods simultaneously without worrying that one food would smell like the other. Less hassles, right?

Automated Timer

Time is precious, as the saying goes. That same principle is also applied when its manufacturer created this modern-day kitchen appliance. With it’s automated timer, you can now cook your food while doing other tasks by setting a timer on your air fryer. Now, how cool is that?

Eating fried foods can be unhealthy, but with the advancement of technology, you can now enjoy these foods without worrying about your health. With the best air fryer, you can be healthier without getting stressed in cooking. No oil. Less time. Healthier meal.

And what about the taste? Well, this the best air fryer still retains the crispy crunch, finger-licking goodness taste of the outside and moist and tender greatness in the inside of your favorite fried foods. Taste like fried but no oil inside.

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