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With all parents, in particular, the first-time fathers and mothers are easy to be attractive by the new products advertised on the TV or online. Simply, they want to bring the best things for their baby. At present, there are many parents, who are interested in the best bottle sterilizer. The purpose is to clean the bottle and nipple for babies and help him/her to avoid the infections. Nonetheless, to utilize an effective way, you need to learn about everything. In fact, some don’t actually bring as efficient as you desire.


Either sterilizing the bottles by boiling water or utilizing the baby bottle sterilizer should consider the safety of the water. It must make sure that the water is entirely cleaned.


In general, you may buy the bottle sterilizers in the form of the plastic bags unless you can also choose the electric steam or microwave steam kind. Whatever how their form is, the baby bottle sterilizers have the plastic material and utilize the high temperature to kill germs. As a whole, their price ranges from $10 – $100.


The bottles will be able to be sterilized an entire way in this sterilizing device, won’t they? Don’t think that germs and bacteria have entirely removed after the feeding equipment is put in there. The bacteria can still form as soon as the bottle are placed into the mouth of the baby.

The way to sterilize the bottles, in particular, Dr. Brown bottles

Let’s be careful! Your baby can get thrush or the infection by the viruses if the feeding bottles are not sterilized. Once the yeast system in the body of the baby is not balanced, it can cause the white patches around his/her mouth or tongue. In comparison with others, Dr. Brown bottles have contained some components – everything must be sterilized.


  • It pours the water into a large pot before putting the DR. Brown bottle in. It requires the water in the pot must be over the bottle whatever it is standing or lying.
  • The water will be boiled on the stove.
  • Beginning to remove the Dr. Brown bottle – from the nipple to the vent stem.
  • Let’s wash the pieces of the bottle in the soapy warm water in order to remove the debris and stain clearly.
  • For the time being, you can place the Dr. Brown bottle – involving the nipple, cap, and vent stem – in the pot. Let’s enable them to be saturated in here at least 3 minutes. Hence, let’s shut off the stove!
  • It waits for the water that entirely cools. Unless, you can also remove the bottle with tongs at that time.


  • Initially, you need to disassemble the part of the Dr. Brown bottle – the nipple and the vent stem.
    The next, you need to wash all parts of them with the warm water. This one does not mean that you are sterilizing them. Simple, you are only removing the stains from milk or juice.
  • Now, let’s pull two sides of the latches on the top of your microwave steam sterilizer so as to disassemble the top. The rack is set the bottom of the device, which will contribute to setting the parts of the bottle.
  • Pouring the water into the bottom of the sterilizer. Let’s observe the line on the bottom! It avoids filling over the filling line. It recommends that you should only add the 6-ounce water.
  • Following, the pieces of the bottle will begin to be put on the top of the rack. In case you are utilizing the sterilizing model of the Dr. Brown, which has owned the inserts to hold every bottle.
  • All finish – you wait for 3 minutes. Then, until it becomes cool, you can take them out of your microwave steam sterilizer.

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